Fashion by Marcel Proust

Marcel Proust

Although Marcel Proust is best known for his masterpiece À la recherche du temps perdu, he also went on to produce other types of writing, such as essays and letters. And like most of the scholars of his time, Marcel not only knew about literature, but also about other related disciplines. In December 1890, Le Mensuel published an article titled fashion, under the pseudonym Shooting Star. In it, Marcel thoroughly inquired what clothes would be imposed during that season, with a poignant and elegant pen. After 143 years from his birth, we remember one of the least studied, but more interesting articles written by Proust. I wonder if Yves Saint Laurent, big fan of Proust, would have read it. Continue reading

Lessons from fashion’s free culture by Johanna Blakley

Fashion industry

Johanna Blakley is the research director at Norman Lear Center, an institute dedicated to the study of entertainment, business and its relationship with society. As a media and fashion specialist, Johanna explored the lessons of fashion’s free culture at TED: “Because there’s no copyright protection in this industry, there’s a very open and creative ecology of creativity.” These are the main points of Johanna’s talk.

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L’art et la mode: French art and fashion magazine

L'ART ET LA MODE n°3 de 1924 : Page 1

Many fashion magazines were born in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Some of them perdured, others passed into history. We have seen the evolution of the most famous, such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, who have not only managed to endure over time, but also to reinvent and adapt themselves to new media in this accelerated 21st century. But there were other publications that were a prominent medium at their time, but ended up stopping their publications on various dates across the 20th century. One of this magazines was L’art et la mode. Continue reading